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Bali is the epicenter of tourism in Indonesia and has become an incredibly popular destination for tourists from all over the world in recent decades, and with good reason. It is one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia and has attracted over 6.5 million international visitors in 2018 alone. The awards reflect the number of Europeans and Australians who have come to enjoy the diversity that the island has to offer.

It's easy to plan a few days in Bali when visiting the country Down Under, but it's also an affordable option for a holiday. For backpackers on a small budget, you can expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,500 a day for two to three days on the island. Flights to Bili from most parts of Asia and Australia are available for as little as $5 an hour or an hour and a half on some of the world's most popular flights. Balo, Padang, Bai and Lombok are Indonesia's two main tourist destinations, and the Gili Islands, which are speedboats, are also included.

For the adventurous, a trip to Bali has a lot to offer in many ways, and you can also get a good idea of what to take with you on our travel happy bili packing list.

If only one tip will take you away from Bali Like us, be it: a good map is hard to find in Bili. If you are not travelling in Kuta, you can be sure that most roads are fairly well signposted. For more information on the best maps and maps for your trip, check out our Bali Pathfinder here.

Kuta is located in central Bali and is often considered too touristy by some travellers, but it has all the attractions a family of backpackers or luxury travellers could wish for. You can book a room in Bili through or Agoda and you will be given a specific area. Kuta's most popular tourist attractions, such as the beach, beaches and beaches, are located near southern Bali's Ubud, so you can probably make a stop here.

If you plan to travel in Indonesia for more than 30 days, you can also apply for a 60-day visa. Travel to Indonesia includes Bali, so it is advisable to check with an agent outside Indonesia who can book your flight for you.

If you are planning a trip to Bali, you should check the website Flatten Curve for travel restrictions in Indonesia. If you live in the United States and plan to visit Bili on your next trip, you should take this into account. We give you tips on how to travel to and from Balo in European countries, as well as tips on how to travel to or from B Kali and the USA.

Have fun planning your trip to Bali and we hope you fall in love with the island as much as we did with our trip to Balo and its beautiful beaches.

For many travelers, the only thing they have to do in Bali is to be on a sandy beach like this. It's fun because you know the intense attraction that will also catch you, which will make for the ultimate Bili holiday. If you have the ability to have fun and have a good time with your family and friends on the beach, then you have to do it.

Many come to Bali for surfing, sunsets, shopping and clubbing and see no need to venture further than Kuta. Others stay in the best (and cheapest) Bali hotels and explore the good beaches of Bili, but many come specifically to enjoy one of the best hotels or resorts.

Unfortunately, there is no good itinerary for Bali, because it really depends on what you want to do. The island is so diverse and the budget needed for a trip to Ubud could not be matched with a party in Seminyak or Kuta. Creating a bili itinerary is very difficult because it really depends on what the person is looking for. Kutas is often overrun by tourists who find it attractive but don't quite judge Bala for it, and it can be a difficult place to get a daily budget.

In Indonesia, Bali is larger than you might think, but also more diverse and there are many different types of events and activities to choose from. Your budget should be a good indicator of where you are going to Bili and what activities you want to participate in.

This Bali guide will tell you what to do in each of the places you need to visit in Bili, as well as the best things to do on your trip to Indonesia's most popular tourist destinations. If you are planning an inexpensive - friendly trip to Bali, please read our guide to an inexpensive visit to Balya. We have all the details on how to visit bali in one go and complete your balo route.

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More About Bali